Symbio City  - Centurion Lake and open space

Symbio City - Centurion Lake Powerpoint presentation

Zwartkop x28 motivating memorandum

Spatial Planning and Land use Management Act - Act no 16 of 2013 - SPLUMA

SPLUMA Regulations - Act no 16 of 2013

Draft Tshwane Land Use Management By-Law 2015

Draft Tshwane Land use Management By-Law 2015  -  Schedules

Centurion – an Urban Future in the making - article by L. Du Bruto


Centurion Regional Spatial development Framework 2013

Tshwane Metro’s Monavoni - Mnandi Precinct Plan

Please note that in no way was duBruto Urban Planning involved in this policy framework

Tshwane Metro’s Western Centurion Spatial Development Framework

Proposed Adjustment to Hangars on Airfield on portion 914 Knopjeslaagte-JR

Impact of sustainability