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* Adherence to the relevant provisions of The Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013, and the    relevant Ordinance or Municipal By-Laws for applications applicable to a particular area.

* Township establishment.

* All aspects of the township establishment process.

* Rezoning of properties by amending of the relevant town planning scheme.

* Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions.

* Consolidations and subdivision of properties.

* Division of farmland.

* Consent use applications.

* Any land use application in terms of the stipulation of a clause from a title condition, Municipal by-law, the    town planning scheme, Ordinance or Act.

* Lodging of objections (on behalf of clients) to other applications.

* Leading the process to obtain a suitable petition of objection in regard to the stipulations of the Spatial    Planning and Land Use Management Act, 2013.

* Representing clients at Municipal town planning hearings or provide assistance to legal representation for such    hearings or appeals.

* Applying to local authorities to close roads, public parks, etc.

* Applying to local authorities to alienate Municipal land to a client.

* Obtaining local authority approval of Site Development Plans etc.

* Applying a process on any scale to produce a spatial development framework for an area and produce final    documentation in this regard.

* Provide a systemized graphic and textual representation in regard to any land use situation and development    planning issue.

* Facilitating an agreement for the development of your land with developers.